Locating Underground Water Line Leaks

Professional Advice for Spotting Hidden Water Leaks 

Many things can go wrong with the plumbing in a home, but not all of them are obvious. Leaky faucets and running toilets make themselves apparent almost immediately, but for some problems, they can be harder to identify and locate. One of the main impediments to finding some plumbing problems is that much of the plumbing infrastructure is underground. It takes certain knowledge and equipment to notice and locate these problems. 

Noticing hidden water leaks is an important skill for any homeowner because hidden water leaks can have dramatic consequences in the form of water damage and high water bills. This blog post will share some ways for homeowners to identify if they have hidden leaks and how professionals can locate them

Watch Out for These Signs 

signsMost of the signs of leaks in hidden piping are subtle. Since the leaking pipe is hidden, sometimes several feet underground, the signs of underground water line leaks are usually the effects they have on the surface. Some examples of common signs that indicate an underground leak are: 

  • Soggy and wet spots or puddles of water on the property
  • Water flowing out from below a slab or concrete structure
  • Noticeable decrease in water pressure in the home
  • Sounds of running water with no apparent source
  • High water bills 

If any of these signs are present, there is a good chance that a hidden pipe has sprung a leak. At this point, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional plumber so they can pinpoint the leak’s location and make a plan for repairs. 

Check the Water Meter 

If there is a suspected leak in the piping, homeowners can follow a particular set of instructions to verify the leak with their water meter. Furthermore, periodically taking these steps can help homeowners better monitor for leaks in their homes. The procedure is as follows:

  • Shut off the water service to the home at the main water valve. This valve is located where the water service enters the house, usually near the water heater.
  • Pull the cover off the water meter can and look at the dials on the water meter. With the main water line properly isolated, there should be no movement.
  • A water leak is present if the dials are still turning, and a plumber should be called. 

How Professionals Find Hidden Water Leaks 

professionalsAccuracy is critical when it comes to fixing hidden water leaks. Underground leaks can happen below a slab or under important landscaping, and digging up the water line can be seriously disruptive to a home, so the interruptions must be kept as small as possible. Plumbers use specialized tools, equipment, and techniques to increase their accuracy in pinpointing underground leaks. 

To locate the leak, plumbers might use acoustic leak detectors, which use sensitive microphones to pick up the sound from a usually unheard leak. This allows them to locate leaks under concrete or otherwise hidden. Plumbers may also use video inspection cameras to visually inspect the leak before attempting repairs. By using this advanced equipment, plumbers can get more accurate information on the leak’s location, allowing them to make fast, precise, and less invasive repairs. 

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