Avoid the “Pinch” of a Sky-High Water Bill This St. Patrick’s Day

How to Go Green and Save on Your Water Bill This St. Patrick’s Day

Wearing green isn’t the only way to avoid getting pinched on St. Patrick’s Day. Homeowners facing the rising costs of most goods and services can also save themselves from the “pinch” of a higher-than-normal water bill by making small changes to their homes and routines. Here are three examples of water-saving changes homeowners can easily make to help save on water bills. 

Don’t Leave the Faucet Running

tapA tap left running is one of the worst offenders of wasted water in the home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), turning off the water while brushing teeth can save about 8 gallons a day, and homeowners can save around 10 gallons per shave if they turn off the water when shaving. If done with the tap running, these two activities alone could waste almost 5,700 gallons of water a year. 

These numbers reflect the impact of these seemingly harmless activities on water usage, so homeowners who seek to conserve water can do so by turning off the tap while washing hands or dishes, brushing their teeth, and the like. The good news? They can most certainly save money while they’re at it.

Switch to Water-Saving Appliances and Fixtures

Technology has come a long way in making homes more efficient regarding resource consumption. The modern home can now be equipped with appliances and fixtures that save water and cut down on costs. Fixtures that will help homes conserve water include:

  • Low-flow faucets: By limiting water flow to 2.2 gallons a minute or less, these faucets drastically reduce the amount of water used every time the tap is turned on. Most faucets on the market today already have this technology, and homes due for a faucet upgrade will benefit from a lower water bill.
  • Faucet aerator: If low-flow faucets are not in the budget, attaching a simple faucet aerator to an existing tap will do practically the same thing at a fraction of the cost. The only downside? Aerators may not fit older faucets. Those would be better off upgrading to newer, low-flow water taps.
  • Dual flush toilets: These toilets save water by giving homeowners two flushing options. One button activates a full flush, usually for solid waste, while the other button uses less water, usually for liquid waste, saving water and money. 

Watch What You Flush

toiletToilet clogs are another way homeowners are flushing water down the drain. When toilets are backed up, more water is used in futile attempts to clear the blockage. To prevent water from being wasted by toilet clogs, homeowners should keep certain items from getting flushed down the toilet. 

Items like wipes (even those marketed as flushable), feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, paper towels, medications, and even kitty litter should all be kept away from the toilet. They can cause clogs that wastewater and sewer line clogs can lead to more water-wasting problems like leaks and burst pipes. Practicing this simple habit could go a long way in helping with water conservation efforts and preventing unexpected high water bills.

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How to Avoid Cold Showers This Winter

Warning Signs the Water Heater is Failing

Nobody wants their water heater to break down in the dead of winter, leaving them stuck taking cold showers until it’s fixed. However, there are warning signs homeowners should watch out for so they can call a professional for repair. Some problems a water heater may encounter are discussed below, along with signs to tell if it’s necessary to repair or replace the water heater.

Issues With the Water Heater’s Temperature

shower Most homeowners initially want to raise the temperature of their water heater if it takes longer for the shower to warm up. However, they might want to consider alternative options and whether the issue with their hot water isn’t related to the weather outdoors before taking action.

Colder weather causes lower air and groundwater temperatures, making it more difficult to get warm water in the shower. The water heater must work harder to reach the proper temperature because the water is colder when it first enters the system. More cold water enters as the cycle continues, cooling things down once more. Older heaters could struggle to maintain this cycle. Sediment buildup may also be an issue with water heaters struggling to maintain warm temperatures. It may be necessary to have the water heater inspected by a professional if the house runs out of hot water too quickly or the water never gets warm enough. 

Connection Issues and Leaks

leaksThe following are some of the main reasons for water heater leaks:

  • Broken drain valves: These will result in water leaks from the bottom of the tank. Professionals can quickly rectify this by changing the damaged drain valve.
  • Corrosion: An accumulation of sediment can result in cracks, perforations, and corrosion in the tank. When too much corrosion occurs, a new water heater may be needed.
  • Water lines with loose connections: The inlet or outlet water pipes may become slack due to normal wear and tear. The loose, worn water lines can be tightened or replaced to solve this issue.
  • Broken temperature/pressure valves: These valves monitor and control the temperature and pressure inside water heaters, as their name implies. When they crack, a water heater tank’s sides may start to leak water.

Water heater leaks can, of course, be caused by various other factors, and occasionally they are the consequence of several individual problems. Contacting a professional is the best approach to figuring out what’s causing the water heater to leak and getting the best solution.

Time and Use

A water heater with a lot of wear and tear is a sign that the water heater is old. It might be worth checking the water heater’s interior for damage, even though it may not be compromised. If the water heater is more than ten years old or requires frequent repairs, replacing it may be the best course of action.

With age, corrosion can occur in the tank. The only option in that situation may be to replace the tank as soon as feasible. Once too much corrosion is present, there is no way to save the water heater. If homeowners notice any of these signs, they should contact a local professional before their water heater sustains additional damage.

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