Bethany & Greater Oklahoma City Kitchen Plumbing Services

We provide quality kitchen plumbing solutions in Bethany and nearby areas like Moore and Mustang. Give us a call at 405-703-9700 to make your kitchen more functional and efficient.

Do you have a clogged kitchen sink? Maybe your garbage disposal is on the fritz. Whatever your kitchen plumbing woes, we have the solution.

Fixt Plumbing is your go-to contractor for premier repair and installation services in Bethany, OK, and the surrounding areas. By choosing us, you get flat-rate pricing, trustworthy technicians (background checked and drug tested), and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Some plumbing issues simply can’t wait! That’s why we offer timely emergency services with reasonable after-hours and weekend rates for your peace of mind.

OKC Sink Repair & Replacement

Your kitchen sink sees a lot of action every day. Natural wear and tear can cause fixtures and pipes to clog or leak over time. When this happens, don’t hesitate to call us right away.

We have experience servicing every type of kitchen sink, including stainless steel, cast iron, composite, and more. Our technicians arrive at every appointment with all the tools they need. In most cases, they can repair your leaky or clogged sink on the spot.

Our team will only recommend a kitchen sink replacement if necessary. We’ll help you select a new fixture that perfectly complements your kitchen’s style and meets your needs.

Bethany Faucet Repair & Replacement

A leaky faucet might not seem like a big deal, but it can waste a lot of water and money over time. Schedule a faucet repair the moment you notice a problem. We’ll come over promptly.

We’ll visit your home, inspect the issue, and recommend the most suitable solution. Our kitchen plumbing team uses the latest technology to fix all types of faucets, including single-handle, double-handle, and wall-mounted models.

If we find your fixture too damaged for leaky faucet repair, we may recommend replacement. We provide same-day service and upfront pricing when we arrive at your home.

Does your plumbing suffer from widespread leaks or poor water pressure? Schedule a water line service to get to the bottom of the problem.

Oklahoma County Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

How can you tell if your garbage disposal needs servicing? Keep an eye out for these signs and call us the moment you notice them:

  • Unusual noises: If you hear any noises that sound out of the ordinary, give us a call. Loud grinding, humming, or vibrating sounds from your garbage can stem from misaligned components or blocked blades.
  • Frequent resets: Most garbage disposals have a reset button that you can activate when the blades become overloaded. If you keep needing this function, it may be time to call a professional.
  • Water leaks: Water pooling around your garbage disposal can indicate loosened components or a cracked sink flange. Don’t delay addressing this problem, as water damage can quickly spread to other areas of your kitchen.
  • Clogs: If your disposal doesn’t drain properly, there’s a good chance it’s due to an obstruction. Avoid pouring oil, grease, or large food waste down the drain to prevent future issues.
  • No power: When your garbage disposal doesn’t turn on despite being plugged in, there could be an issue with the reset button, power cord, or blade system.

Whatever the problem, we can help. Our techs can repair most issues or provide a garbage disposal installation if you’re ready for an upgrade.

Do you need sink drain repairs or a dishwasher fixture installation? Call 405-703-9700 to schedule your kitchen plumbing service with Fixt Plumbing today. We proudly serve Bethany, OK, and nearby areas like Yukon and Edmond.